Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Muhyiddin a “Prime Minister with little politics”? Is this a joke?

  Malaysian Mirror       Wednesday, June 24, 2020
How can one deem the character of a political leader who gets hold of power from a coup, buys off MPs for support, and showers people with billions of ringgits within 100 days as having “little politics”? This must have been a joke! Any ambitious leaders in the world would do politics all-out in order to get the top positions. It seems that the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is getting all the praises for being ‘silent’ from any media queries. Is this a new way for covering his guilt since the Sheraton Move was initiated in February 2020?

The compliments and positive write-ups about Muhyiddin Yassin will never conceal the fact that he has others to do the dirty jobs for him. Even in Bersatu, any sacking or bad news has been conveyed by others, not him. He must make sure that his signature is invisible or unseen on any documented records. All he needs to do from day one is to appear once in a while in front of the camera to announce updates on the MCOs and financial plans for the country, never allow any kinds of Q&A session with the media, and silence himself from any kinds of allegations - all in the name of "Covid-19" and "quarantine". Making announcements of monetary allocations must be his utmost priority for now so that his report card remains ‘clean’. His strategist must have advised him to do all these. Nevertheless, his less-talking nature does not justify the claim that he is “with little politics” at all. Only a fool would say that he is not doing any politicking.

Malaysians shall anticipate Muhyiddin Yassin’s response to the suit filed by Tun Mahathir and his six followers through his lawyers. If he had not been politicking, why has Bersatu sacked the former chairman and made himself the acting chairman? If he had not been politicking, why would MACC have to check on Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and his parents for their money that went missing from their home and a number of the Armada members for the remainder? If it is true that he has not been politicking that much, why is there a movement to vanquish Tun Mahathir’s camp from Bersatu? If he is truly “with less politics”, he would just let Bersatu’s different camps make amends, kiss and make up.  

Indeed, no one is willing to claim responsibility for dirty works. Even a child knows that. 

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