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Why did Mahathir lie to the people about his plans to collaborate with UMNO and PAS?

  Malaysian Mirror       Sunday, July 19, 2020
Tun Mahathir has had a lot under his sleeves. He got the nerves to lie and pretend that he does not know anything about the plan to change the government before the infamous Sheraton Move on 23 February 2020. Not until a photo of him with the top leaders of UMNO, PAS, Bersatu, and Sabah and Sarawak parties was circulated, he may have kept everything buried. Nonetheless, the audios that leaked to the public alleged to have been recorded during the party’s meetings prior to the Sheraton Move clearly had his voice saying he had never wanted Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim to become the next prime minister after him became an evidence of his hate towards the latter. Then how could “fighting the corrupt kleptocratic leaders” like Dato’ Seri Najib Razak and others be his justification for not passing the premiership baton to Anwar Ibrahim?

After Tun Mahathir had to bear the embarrassment for not being the chosen one for Pakatan Harapan (PH) PM candidate, he retaliated openly against the opposition leader. The move to leave PH with his bloc and Warisan to be independent is seen somewhat commendable so that he will not face anymore humiliation. His choice of PM candidate – Warisan president, Dato’ Seri Shafie Apdal – has not been favoured by many, as he is seen only as a toy for Tun Mahathir to play with. In an essay in the Trends of Asia, Bersatu supreme council member, Wan Saiful Wan Jan wrote that Tun Mahathir was never in favour of Anwar Ibrahim as the latter was said to be “an individual who will not champion the Malays and their special rights as stated in the Constitution”. Wan Saiful further claimed that since 2019, PH had lost the trust of the Malays as it has been dominated by DAP and PKR. Wan Saiful raised Tun Mahathir to a bar that makes Tun Mahathir seen as the only one championing the Malays on behalf of PH by taking part in the Malay Dignity Congress on 6 October 2019, which was also attended by UMNO and PAS. Wan Saiful said the ‘unity’ seen during the congress was the first hint to Bersatu’s secret collaboration with UMNO and PAS. This revelation is somewhat shocking, knowing that Tun Mahathir has often been said to have not liked UMNO. Malaysians have been lied to through the hypocrisy he has often shown while discretely being intimate with the top leaders of both parties. Wan Saiful claimed that Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s selection as prime minister after Tun Mahathir’s resignation in February 2020 was also supported by the latter, who gave Muhyiddin Yassin the ‘mandate’ to continue the plan to establish a new government led by Malays. This is appalling!

This whole fiasco was truly just a setup, so why did Tun Mahathir say that he wanted to get back into power to fight the ‘injustice’ done by Muhyiddin Yassin through the backdoor? Is this another game that he is trying to play? Interestingly, why did he submit the motion of no confidence against the Pagoh MP as the 8th Prime Minister to be debated in the Parliament when he had given his blessings to the latter? Or was there a change of plan by Muhyiddin Yassin in February 2020 that did not go along with his personal wishes? And why should he blame Anwar Ibrahim for all these? This is truly insane.

By Adillah Jaafar

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